Monday, September 8, 2008


Hey Hunns...!!

We are trying to finish our stock now!!
We'll be going back to college and won't be around to handle our blogshop anymore.
Hope U guys can support us by helping us finish our stock!

Purchase 1 item and get 15% off!
Purchase 2 items and get 25 % off and free postage!

So Hurry and start doing your Shopping here!!



Gin & Tonic Clothing

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty Nautical

The Nautical Dress

U LUV this dress from MIU MIU??

Fret not! we have something that looks exactly like it and CHEAPER too!

Our Version of the MIU MIU dress

On Model - Left : Nautical White Right : Nautical Black

This dress needs no statement at all!
It is the 'IT' dress u just gotta have.
The colour combination is so pretty it reminds us of our dresses we had when we were little.

The puffed skirt adds so much more cuteness to it.

Colours :

Nautical White and Nautical Black

Sizes :

Free Size -Fits UK 6 and 8

Material :

Cotton ( with lining under the bottom part)

* Gotta Have It? Take it home at only RM 70

Status :
Nautical White - ( Sold Out)
Nautical Black - ( Sold Out)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Checkered Tube

On Model : Pink

Wear it everywhere and anywhere you want!
It could look casual and posh at the same time.
Match with skinny jeans, skirt or shorts!

Colours :
Brown, Pink,Light Blue

Sizes :

Free Size - Fits UK 6 to 10

Material Quality :


*Gotta Have It? Take it home at only RM 40


The Candy Tube

On Model - Left : Sour Tape Right : Jelly Beans (SOLD)

This tube is so cute it reminds us of a bag full of colourful candies.It looks so yummy too!
By just looking at this tube top can brighten your day coz it looks so cheerful!!

Colours :

Sour Tape ( 1 Available) and Jelly Beans (Out of STock)

Material :


Sizes :

Free Size -Fits UK 6 to 10

* Take it home at only RM 37

The Bow Collection

It's All About 'BOWS'

The Victoria Beckham Dress

Pitch Black

Deep Blue + Purple

As seen on Victoria Beckham

This A-Line dress is uber gorgeous ! It's a look alike of what Victoria wore.
But the difference is, this dress has got a cute bow on the back...You can tie it any way u like!

you know this dress says 'POSH' all over it!

psssttt...: We saw this dress selling for a retail price of RM 150 at a store in Cineleisure!
We're selling it for almost half the price... U bet our dress is a STEAL!

Colours :

Deep Blue +Purple and Pitch Black

Sizes :

S - fits UK 6/8
M - fits UK 10/12 (smaller size 12 body size)

Material Quality : Very thick satin + cotton

* Gotta Have It? Take it home at only RM 79

Status :
Deep Blue +Purple - Size S- Sold, Size M - Available

Pitch Black - Size S & M - Available


The Blair Waldorf Dress

yea..U got that right! This dress is the kind that Blair would wear.
It looks great to be worn during the day and even at night.

It's very sweet and subtle material gives you the very innocent look.
And the cute bow and buttons detail adds better definition to the dress.

Colours :


Sizes :

Free Size - Fits UK 6 to 10

Material Quality : Chiffon and Lace - there's lining below! so no worries of it being transparent

* Gotta Have It? Take it home at only RM 65

Status : Available


The Beach Dress

On Model - Left : Strawberry Splash Right : Blue Lagoon

This dress is so adorable. You can wear it to the pool, beach and even out shopping or a picnic.

Its all about having fun in the sun baby!!
It really is a comfy outfit to go about in.
Wear it with a bikini under and you'll feel really HOT!

Colours :
Strawberry Splash and Blue Lagoon

Sizes :

Free Size -Fits UK 6 and 8

Material :


* Gotta Have It? Take it home at only RM 42

Status :
Strawberry Splash ( Sold)

Blue Lagoon ( Sold)